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I’d like to introduce you to MidTerm Fix, a company that offers fun and creative care packages that you can send your kids. Their customized care packages are like a big hug from Mom! I just love this company, their mission, and the heart behind everything they do. I’m honored that Rebecca Hastings, the founder, agreed to share her compelling empty nester story.

(Suzy)  Tell us about your family.
(Rebecca)  My husband is Dr. Michael Golitz. For 27 years, he has owned and operated the Eye and Contact Lens Center in Kirkland and Renton, Washington. We met at The Ohio State University where we were both taking a First Aid class, and the instructor put us together for the final evaluation. I had something protruding from my chest and a broken leg that he had to stabilize. It was a very awkward moment! After the class, we went our separate ways, but we kept running into each other. One day he saw me riding my bike with others. He eventually asked if I’d like to go riding and that was our first date. When we got married (three years later), we rode our bikes across the United States for our honeymoon. We’ve been married for 34 years.
Our oldest daughter Kelsey passed away in 2014. She was 27 years old. Right after she graduated in Economics from Union College in upstate New York, she started having severe pain in the pelvic area. Eventually, she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. Despite the pain, she landed her first job with the online retailer, Wayfair, in Boston. She later accepted a position with Joss and Main and was able to move up to Assistant Manager for one of the teams – all the while fighting cancer. My youngest daughter is Alex, age 21. She attends Santa Clara University and is majoring in Engineering.


Tell us about your business.
My business is MidTerm Fix LLC. We create fun and creative care packages for students. We launched in September 2015. In April of 2014, my daughter’s doctor called us with devastating news. There was nothing more they could do for Kelsey and he thought we should move her back to Seattle so she could be with family. An overwhelming sadness immediately filled our home. Kelsey had always been so independent, and she did not want to leave Boston. My thinking was that if I could duplicate, to a certain extent, her life in Boston, she would have an easier time coming home. I decided to talk to her about starting my own online business. I thought it would give us something to do together when she made the tough decision to travel home. Thus, we began our collaboration. While Kelsey did not get to see MidTerm Fix come to fruition, we’ve implemented many of her creative ideas throughout our site, our philosophy, and our care packages themselves.

How did you get started?
With my husband as my mentor, I set out to implement all of the ideas Kelsey and I had discussed. After a year, I was ready to launch. I worked past midnight many nights, and I found the more I worked on the business the closer I felt to Kelsey. I love what I do; it has helped me heal in a positive way. At the end of each year, a portion of the funds raised through MidTerm Fix are donated to cancer centers specializing in childhood cancer research.

Who’s a typical Midterm Fix client?
My customers are mostly female between the ages of 45 and 65. They have a son or daughter in college, and they want to show their love and support.

What was your transition to the Empty Nest like and did it affect your business?     
I think it was different than it is for the average empty nester because I lost a daughter to cancer the same year my youngest started college. MidTerm Fix has provided structure in my life, a goal to reach, and it gives me great satisfaction to give back. It’s brought me closer to my younger daughter, and we now collaborate. She’s my tester provides great feedback. In our own ways, we’re both educating the public about childhood cancer and helping to raise funds for the cause.

What are your best-selling items?
Our Valentine’s Day package is the most popular, and the Movie Night with Friends package has gained in popularity. It includes a Visa gift card so students can purchase their own movies or subscribe to Netflix for 2-3 months. And of course, the Birthday Bash package has been a hit. Parents like that the cookies have the students name debossed on each one. We also have a Graduation package, and it’s very popular.

How can people learn more about Midterm Fix?
They can go to our website at, call our toll free number at 1-844-808-3045 or email us at  They can also like our Facebook page, and follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

(Suzy) I’m so grateful to Rebecca for sharing her story. She took a devastating situation and turned it into a business that brings joy and love into the life of others. I think she is amazing! I sent the Birthday Bash care package to my college son for his Birthday when he was a college senior, and he loved it. He was blown away that the cookies had his name debossed right into them. What a phenomenal way to say I love you to your kids!


P. S.  Did you know that of the National Cancer Institute’s annual budget for research, only 4% benefits all children’s cancers combined? You may see hashtags like #4isnotenough or #4percentisnotenough that are designed to advocate for more childhood cancer funding. As in Kelsey’s case, these cancers do not only affect young children. If you’d like to donate to children’s cancer research, please go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Tell them Kelsey sent you.

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